A Ted Talk and some Random Thoughts

Just listened to this amazing TED talk:ludwick_marishane: A Bath Without Water. Why is this mathematical? The great big large numbers. It is about a young man in Africa with very little means who takes an idea and turns into a reality that saves Eyes and Water. I can't wait to show this 5 minute video it to my students tomorrow...just to give them an idea on the power of large numbers. (We began with a "grain of rice" story spin-off using doubling allowance, thanks to Kate, blogger of http://tothesquareinch.wordpress.com/.)

I watched the video clips that go along with Teach Like a Champion, impressive, and decisively not me...I have little rhythm and am way too "stiff" to have routines that include clapping and call and response...but thank goodness some folks do...I did take away a lot from the book...especially about giving exact instructions, "look forward and be silent," vs. "pay attention!" It is good that we have a variety of talents...

Lastly, I want to share with you a cartoon from New Yorker Magazine by Roz Chast:
Totally hilarious! Now I want to jump off with student on the left and teachers on the right.

Left Side                                                                Right Side

Student doesn't have                                             Teacher signs student up to sing Hakuna Matata
homework                                                              in the Talent Show

Student asks, "we had homework?"                     Teacher "forgets" she is on "Attendance by picture"
                                                                               and turns on the Smartboard with student's 8th grade
                                                                                picture even though student is now in 10th grade.

Student falls asleep in class                                   Teacher sends kid into the hall just under the      
                                                                              speaker right before the bell rings

You are all talented, smart and funny, What other mix and match Crime and Punishments can you add?

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