No one would vote for me for best lesson close, which is my true #1TMCthing to work on.

That being said, I do make a conscientious effort to check in with every student I teach every single day.

My go to close is a mash up among  a true close, a Restorative Practices close, and Glenn Waddell's inspiration on High 5's.

Anyone of the following can happen:

I ask the students a mathy question from the day's lesson, they think for a minute and then file out with a response and then I give them a High 5: T: "If the point I give you on your way out is rotated 180 degrees about the origin, what is the image coordinate?" Student gives me correct answer, out the door they go, with a High 5!

T: "What is i to the power I give you?" out the door with correct answer and High 5!

T: (Image on board): "Which one doesn't belong and why." High 5!

T: "I am going to give you set, you will tell me, whether it is Categorical or Quantitative? High 5!

But sometimes, I got nothing mathy at all, so out the door they go with these questions, always with eye contact, a huge smile and a High 5! (some students prefer a fist bump btw)

T:"If you could snap your fingers and end up anywhere you want, where would that be?"

T:"What is your spirit animal?"

T: "What is making you happy today?"

T: "What food can you not live without?"

Today's took the cake, thanks to listening to City Arts and Lectures the previous night on KQED fm, with an interview of Jonathan Safran Foer.

T: "If Secretary of the Future was a cabinet position in the US government, like Sectary of the Interior, Secretary of Education or Sectary of Defense, what would he or she be in charge of doing?"

Will report back on after Monday's classes...Friday I didn't do a good enough job explaining what I meant, and got a few, "make America great agains," and a "Clean up the environment."