Image result for reefer and smokeToday, K came to class after lunch reeking like weed. (Yeah, I live in California, I know what it smells like). I call the campus supervisors and ask that they come get him, his smell is that distracting. I am about to text that he left his phone (Why would he leave his phone? How many kids would forget a phone, unless the consequences of what is on his phone is worse than it getting stolen or him having to live without it for 24 hours?) when I get this text from the supervisors, "He admitted smoking. We gave him something to eat so he wouldn't smell, can he come back to class?" What! No he can't come back to class! The students would all want to know what happened, who said what, blah, blah, blah...Talk about distracting. And yet...he wanted to come back to class. What is the more thoughtful moment? As a parent, what do you want for your son or daughter? Done the road, in one year, two years, as a young adult, will K think, "Zimmer is cool, she let me smoke weed and come back to class." or will he stop and say, "I could have gone through school stoned, but it wasn't worth it?"

Things like this used to be clear cut. Not so much anymore. Where is a student safest? (K spent the rest of the period in the student adviser's office.) Could K have benefited more from my math help or my insistence that he doesn't come to school stoned? I think I know the answer to that. Thanks for letting me rant.

When K returns, I will make sure he knows that I love him, that I won't let this incident define him for me, and let him know I want the best for him.