You know the boring lessons in Geometry about chords and tangents and the angles they form? 

Today I wanted to do something more fun than our usual good fun, and so I started these Chapter 10 topics with constructions of circles. 

"Let's use this tool and make some circles!" What else can you make with a circle? We did regular hexagon, Equilateral Triangle, 6 pointed star. 

Then the inspiration hit. I let them play. Meanwhile I started making circles and cutting out bits to look something like this:

Because I remembered an OLD geometry book that had this problem:
Remember that goodie? 

I handed everyone a piece and said, find the original size of your disk, your plate, your platter, your wheel, whatever it was that you found in at your dig site. 

I was excited, they were a wee bit...I will take it. At least they were a bit more open. I then gave each pair of students a property of circles poster to make. 
Happy Friday ya' all!