There are so many great posts! So many great bloggers.

#MTBoSBlogsplosion #2 asked us to blog about soft skills. This is my arena! I blogged about my High 5 version here: High - 5 Amy Style. My students wrote on their finals that what they liked best about the class is my energy and stories. (My latest Exit High 5 was "What are you happy about leaving behind in 2016" Kids are really remarkable, one dude said, "my girlfriend!"

So to play it forward I wanted to share two bloggers who are not only amazing math teachers, but who also inspire me to be a reflective educator by their deep and honest blogging.

miss calculate--Elissa
Elissa explores deeply and is committed (okay, obsessed) with improving the art of teaching.

An Old Math Dog Learning New Tricks--Lisa Henry
Any person who starts a blog by saying "I have taught for 20 years and still have a lot to learn," will not only have me as a reader, but also has my "mama bear" support.

Who are your favorite soft skill math bloggers?