My lovely colleague is out with hand surgery. Ouch! No writing for 6 weeks! Being the manly mother hen that he is, he figured he would get surgery a few days before spring break, get 10 days rest, take two weeks after that, and stroll on back to the classroom! We all know how hard it is to leave our kiddos, and worse to make lesson plans that work with a sub--now translate that into Pre-Calculus! We have a math sub thankfully, but we have decided to try a Matrices Unit. (I cannot find the topic in the common core state standards, can you?--I could most definitely make the argument that the math practices strongly come into to play teaching the topic, and geez, they are so pretty and fun.)

My intention here is to blog a bit everyday about what I do, what I would do again, what I wouldn't do again, and giant, HELP! if I need it. I am excited to blog about something over time, which I have never done before. With our lovely calculators, do we really need to talk about Cramer's Rule? Determinants? Can we just go with row operations and Inverses to solve?

If you have any pre-emptive advise, please chime in!
Thanks Randall Munroe