The CCSS Mindset

I just inherited two sections of Geometry. I mean, called in Tuesday, start teaching Wednesday. Yeah, so trying to figure what the kids know and don't know starting on day 10 of their 95 minute block schedules. There is so much I want to share with them, so much rich, yummy math.

Tuesday Evening I took a quick peak at the book (The previous teacher took down her website and wiped the board clean...I don't blame her...) found a few terms they should know and gave them a relatively easy worksheet on pairs of angles. The first eight problems were identification, last 14, find x.
Nothing too interesting. However, in going over the assignment in class, a CCSS click occurred. While it isn't earth shattering, the idea is that if my head wasn't in a constant state of CCSS-ness, I would have not been so clever. Already CCSS is working...on me.

The worksheet looks like this: (From Kuta Software)

I had the students mark it like this:

Then we took problems 13-22 and categorized them. The final product looked like this:

The students had to justify and critique each other's placement of the remaining problems. (Math Practices Constructing the Viable Arguments and Critiquing the Reasoning of Others).

High engagement, low prep. I like it!

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  1. Love this! Planning to borrow! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Hope I can serve you again!

  3. Amy - I saved this blog post and am ready to use it as part of a beginning of term review and assessment - I have inherited a term 3 of 3 inclusion Geometry class. Looking at the screens, I am thinking that perhaps you had the students mark up the worksheet in Educreations? Were you using iPads, and if so, did you create a document with the worksheet in it? Thanks - Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy,
      The students had paper worksheets. I started them off with the Ipad, and then finished it with them. Your idea is a great one to imbed the worksheet on the Ipad and then have the students scribble directly on the worksheet. (What app would that be? In Educreations, you would have to "record" it for a second or two.) You have inspired me to post another viable arguments lesson!


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