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Next summer, I just may ask for 30-60 minute slot at TMC about math and podcasts. I am reminded by Meg Craig that I wanted to post about my favorite Podcasts. Thanks Meg! And the great news is they are different! Now you will have about 2 zillion times the awesomeness to listen to. 

Top Three, no order: 

Radiolab: Great Reporting about 45-60 minutes long. From Tree to Shining Tree about how cool our tree root system is, to the podcast on how easy is it to be tracked by your internet use, to a story that made me absolutely weep about a preemy babe. 

Freakonomics: 25-35 minutes. Meg, do you get hooked on your podcaster's voice? Oh man, it is my equivalent of crack. Okay, that is over the top, but, you know...The economics of everything, lots of great experiments, behavioral econ, why we do what we do.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: 45- 60 minutes of 4 podcasters have chats about pop culture, from movies, to comics, to books, sometimes music. (Gotta keep up with the kiddos some how). Smart, political, and diverse view points, best part is at the end of every show, each caster talks about "what is making me happy this week." I learn about the BEST books, movies, original netflix series (currently savoring Stranger Things) etc...

Next Top Three, maybe some order:

Undisclosed: 45-65 minute long shows hosted by three lawyers about the wrongfully convicted. Excellent guests that tackle all kinds of social justice issues, can't get enough of listening to Rabia Chaudry, Collin Miller, and Susan Simpson. Straight forward, thoughtful. 

Snap Judgement:45-60 minutes of stories told to a beat and a theme.  Glynn Washington is a sharp guy. I love that this podcast is his vision and passion and he gave up thinking "inside the box," to make it happen. 

Sometimes Hidden Brain--how curious people understand the world, or The Moth--Story Slam winners, or Marketplace Weekend--what is driving are economy this week, or Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, hosted by Peter Sagal--that guy is funny, as are his crazy group of guests, a "game" show about the week's news. 

Shows my total nerd, I own it. Happy listening!

What are your favorite podcasts?

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  1. I have PCHH and Snap Judgement on my Pocketcasts right now, I just need to listen to some episodes! Thanks for the other recs--will be sure to check them out!

    As for my favorite voice, it has to be Alastair of Storywonk. Especially when he reads portions of Harry Potter!!

    1. Will have to check out Storywonk. We live everything HP!


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