How to Keep Summer Alive

We have friends visiting from Washington D. C. They are beginning their 3 week holiday, just as we are leaving our 9 week holiday behind. Peter, who works long hours, riding his bike to work EVERY day, (takes about 20-30 minutes, weather and exhaustion level dependent), was contemplating how he could be on vacation EVERY day, seeing retirement on the horizon (well, 8-10 years away). I started talking to him about the routines in our lives to keep "holiday" time alive. This is really the work/life balance. 

Here are some of my balancing acts:

--I dance first thing in the morning, before coffee, before email. Michael Franti's, "Say Hey I Love You," B-52's, "Love Shack," Bruno Mars, "Uptown Funk," The Dip, "Stateline." 3-5 minutes. You can't help smiling.

--Get to the beach. We are fortunate that we can drive to the beach, walk 45 minutes, drive home in 90 minutes. All we have to do is, DO it!

--Play ball with the explanation necessary.

--Get on the bike. Go outside, ride 45 minutes, ride 2 hours, whatever, feel the wind in your hair.

--Go to the movies, see a play, or go to a concert mid-week. Feels like you are doing something sneaky!

--Swim! Yup, go to the public pool, jump in for lap swimming. So you do 20 lengths, swim one, rest one. Whatever! It is 45 degrees out, the pool is 82 degrees, enjoy.

--Write a long hand letter. Reminds me of sending postcards or writing letters home. 

--Make a delicious, ethnic meal. Does not have to take everything out of you. It can be simple. Need ideas? Falafel, Sesame Noodles, Fried Rice. DM for recipes.

--Discover something new where you live. China Camp State Park. Who knew? Less than an hour from home and worlds away. 
China Camp State Park
What do you do to keep the holiday feeling alive during your school year?

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  1. I love so many of these ideas! Once the school year starts, balance goes out the window, so thank you for easy to implement ideas to keep the vacation spirit!

    1. You are welcome! Hope you have an amazing year!

  2. I'm totally going to make Mr Craig take me to the new Bourne movie after school next week! I'm going to keep this list handy for when I need a little vacation time!


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