What a Great Teaching Day Looks Like

As promised, here are the amazing cooperative graphs my Algebra 1 students made. Not only are they beautiful, they were made during the last period of the day before the homecoming football game!
The students were given very little direct instructions. When enough groups had the same questions, I stopped, had a little pow-wow with them and sent them back to work. The students were so proud of this work. I must, must, must give credit for the inspiration for this problem from CPM.
 (Math 1, BR 23)

The basic idea is 6 cousins get $20 put in a savings account for the New Year. I made one error in the directions and had all the students use a full sheet of paper and one set of axes, not the first quadrant.

This young woman is an ELD student. What! Check her out! (her test average is 50%)
This young man has an IEP. He has fallen asleep (I mean no amount of noise would wake him) several times. Watch out!

This is the work of a very quiet young man who is currently sitting in the back. (That we change soon) Check out his answer to number 4.

So this was a successful day. Not so much today. The Monday after the Homecoming Dance. Three steps forward, 1.5 back...I'll take it.

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