My Favorite Way To Change It Up

I am linking up with #MyFavFriday to share my favorite ways to assign tasks and sometimes groups.

If I am working in groups of 3and 4 students, I like to find ways for them to get to know each other so I always assign the group tasks with a bit of either having to talk to each other or at least interact. Here's a starting list:

The person...

With the  oldest living relative

With the  youngest sibling

With the oldest sibling

Who woke up earliest

Who got the most sleep

Whose first name costs the most (a = 1, b= 2, etc...)

Whose middle initial is closest to A

Whose product of their birthday month and day are the least/greatest

With the Most pairs of shoes

With the Longest/ shortest name

Whose sum of their last 4 digits of phone number are the greatest

Has the most pets

Whose house number is greatest/ smallest

Whose been the furthest away

Quicker Method:

The person who...

Is tallest/shortest
Has the smallest / largest feet
Has the smallest /largest hands
Longest hair
Longest thumb
Lightest backpack
Longest span from thumb to pinky

These are designed so that you can assign tasks from one to all group members (ie from least to most or vice versa)

The kids LOVE to know what I will be asking for from day to day and will actually come up with their own if I am not so quick on my feet.

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