TMC 16 Reflection 1—What to do with all that information?

I really am going to share with you how I organized my thoughts on the many plane rides I had today—(can anyone beat 3—if you count boarding the middle one and having to deplane and find another flight to SF)

Who knows if there will ever be a part two, but I wanted to get this out ASAP for a couple of reasons. 1) To pay it forward—contributing to the generosity of “laying” work on the MTBoS that our community is so good about, 2) Committing myself to reflecting and remembering and
3) to keep the light of community glowing in my heart.

I am a kinesthetic learner, duh. Alice (@      ) says to me, “You must workout a lot.” Not really I say, I MOVE a lot. (We really do have a set of rings in our entryway that I play on EVERY day) I mention this because I love writing and love the physicality of composing my thoughts on paper. (three-quarters of a composition book filled for TMC16).

At the back of my comp book,              I made few title pages:


And then I filled them up. The longest one is Currriculum/Fall Prep,
Next Longest is To Look Up (to check out), then To Share. It was delightful
to  go back and read and reflect. I am re-energized and encouraged to share with 
my colleagues at home, even if I struggle with feeling reluctant to share with some of
them for the pain I feel from their lack of support of me. ( AND I have all of
you backing me up)  What are the titles of your pages?

PS I always have the support of my some of my colleagues and ALL of my adminstrators.

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  1. Looks like a good organization system - my page titles tend to be very linear (Session 1, Session 2), versus categorized like that. Meaning, to me, you can't say "Part 1" and then "there may not be a Part 2"...! It violates some unwritten rule, doesn't it?? :) Guess we have to find what works for us. Hope your prep and the rest of it goes well, maybe you'll find time for more here!


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