The Ice Breaker Post

Simply, here is the ice breaker I shared at TMC16.

Explicit Goal: Students get to know each other, have some fun
Implicit Goal: Have students take a look at group dynamics, what works and feels good vs. not so good, and create some healthy group norms

The Deal: Not the first ice breaker of the year, but pretty close to the next one or next one after that.

Students in groups of 4, need to come up with a favorite book, movie, and game that they can all agree on.

What we make of the chaos: Stopping students a few minutes in to exam HOW the process is working. How are they coming to decisions? How are they figuring out the meaning of the task? What feels good and not so good about the process.

Watch the video, steal the slides, make comments to add to the list of "how we work as a group," Let me know how it goes!

The Presentation:

The Video:

Thanks so much to Glenn Waddell, Jr for video taping and for being a good friend, deep thinker, and a writing inspiration.

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