One Good Thing

Happy #MTBoS Challenge Numero Uno!

One, two, three good things! Woot! My daughter Sarah, studying in London (LSE) for Junior year abroad, decided if she was going into marketing, she better be good at what she does, and what better way than to start with her dear mother's old blog.

S: I wanted your blog to look clean, not with that dumb starfish and the yellow writing.

Mom: Have at it, just make sure I have my MTBoS buttons...

That was Sunday. Monday, I found out David Bowie died while I was driving to school. The students walked into a room blasting "Changes" and I changed my Facebook profile to this:
(Thanks Fintan in Ireland) (When I got home the Hubs and I danced around the kitchen in tribute)

But the good thing on Monday was that I was given a huge compliment by a student who always pushes back, as in "Can't you just show us ONE way to write it?" He said, "Zimmer, I hope I get you on my Senior project panel, you embrace diverse ways of approaching things."

And today, Tuesday, I gave "My Favorites" presentation to my students from TMC 15 (found on the wiki) about where trig sum and difference formulas come from. It went especially well 2nd block. We used my special Neon paper, and no paper airplanes afterwards. Just gotta say, I am not sure of the pedagogical need for the sum and difference formulas in the average person's life, yet it sure forces the students to get their Algebra trip together before entering college!

Earth to Major Tom...

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  1. My first comment about your blog was going to be how elegant your page is. Way to go Sarah :)

    1. Still more tweaking to do, but thanks, anything in particular that works or that could be better. (I didn't like looking so hard for comments...SARAH!)

  2. I just love it when THAT one student makes your day! And even more when they are excited about the work that they are doing.

    1. Glad to have at least one, keeps me coming back. Today's was, "Just how do those two things correlate?"

  3. Looking forward to borrowing your activity! But I do miss the starfish....I know very well, however, about encouraging those professional aspirations!

    1. Glad You found something useful! Yeah, I miss the starfish too, taking one for the kid!


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