Better Questions 2016 Blogging Initiative Week 3


First Period: Well, what do you think? Anybody, anybody? I can wait you out...OY VEY!

By second and third (we are on block schedule, so we are now from 10am to 2pm) Things are oh, so much better!

Mostly I learn from try, try, try again. My favorite question go to is: How are they alike? How are they different?

Some examples:

Similar Triangles vs. Congruent Triangles
Similar Triangles vs. Dilated Triangles
Solving Equaliites vs. Solving Inequalities
atrigb(x-c) +d vs afcnb-c) + d

Other favorite questions are:
Harold says, Emilia says, who's correct? Are they both correct?

What is another way?

How do you know your solution makes sense?

How do you know?

When did you know you were on the correct path to a solution?

Where did you fall off the ramp? When did you stop understanding?

What was so and so thinking when they took the next step?

I am determined to start writing more of my questions ahead of time, and write them HUGE so I will remember to ask. I would also like to be in the habit of answering more questions with another question, even if it is only, "What do you think?"

As I have been thinking about this prompt, I am reminded about how much you learn when ask students super straight forward questions.

When you write SinA/a what does it mean exactly?
What does proportional mean?
If the scale factor is 5/4 is the image bigger or smaller?
Is the answer going to be more than or less than?

My favorite new technique is inspired by Kate Nowak, simply, "What is the Question?"

29 years and so much room for improvement...Thanks MTBoS

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