Got Me Some VNPS

Student size whiteboards. Check. Now we need verticalness, and my DH is outta town. Not that I mind swinging a drill, it is just going through the shower board and not sure what to do if it shatters. (Also, who knows if I am allowed to screw things into the wall, I just did it and figure I will ask forgiveness, but wait, this is why I am so sure I have little to worry about...)
Mirror holders! Yay! I am so happy and the boards are so secure. There is a plastic bit that expands as you screw it in.
(Sorry about the ugly brown walls and the funky picture)

After a full last day before the kiddos also occupied the school, I did collected these in my backyard:
And made a peach, rhubard, raspberry, apple crisp (sorry no pic).

Happy First Days of School ya' all. More on that next post.

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