Day 2 #MTBoSblaugust

So two things are running around my head today.

First, is all the growth mindset stuff inspired by Jo Boaler from Stanford and Carol Dweck who wrote the book Mindset. I love it! I love the message. Productive struggle makes positive change. I was inspired by Sarah Hagan and her post on this bulletin board that she made from inspiration from @druinok

Gorgy, right? But then I started thinking about the students owning the space and the words. So now I am thinking, I will ask the students to write their negative thoughts about math and learning and then have them work as a group with one card at a time to change the words to growth mindset statements (we will do first one together), then I will make a bulletin board! I promise I will take pictures and share them. The Dollar Store has gold starts for, yup, $1.00. Hah.

The second thing is Christopher Danielson said at TMC 15, "Find what you love (about math) and do more of that in your classroom," (see my previous post). Well, I do love listening to NPR and I do love Freakonomics, and I just love this very, very special episode:
How to Create Suspense
See the graph paper in the background, math, right?

Everything is in there, a movie producer, sports, a crime novelist and the question, what makes something suspenseful? What is the most suspenseful sport? What could you do to make a sport that is more suspenseful? (silly economists didn't know the rules to Quidditch).

We can appreciate this episode, or we can try to bring into our math lives. #WCYDWT

What/whom do you listen to that makes your math heart go pitterpat?

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