More Responses to Teaching Algebra and Being Human

Just wanted to share this doozy of a response to the question Can you teach Algebra and still be a good human? from Rick, a Graphic Designer, Semi-Pro Bike Racer, and award winning 3-D animator:

Algebra makes us better humans because it helps us figure shit out, so we don't have to rely on what some body says or what some Iphone App tells us. Algebra is like a language of reason. Not what makes sense but what works.
I use algebra like EVERY DAY. estimating speed when I go on a bike ride (TxD=R) and also working in 3D or 2D animation. Further, if you want to call it algebra, I use some geometry to figure out angles and such via the pythagorean theorem: asquared plus bsquared = csquared. Super cool stuff.

My Husband (not Rick)
I have great and smart friends!

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