Blogging To Make It Stick: Review Stack

I am a passionate, empathetic, thoughtful, mindful, and reflective teacher. What am not is fastidiously organized like I don't even get "or" in my middle name. (My colleague, Danielle, on the other hand, is Crazy organized, I mean she can not have a neat stack of papers where an  ungraded paper is touching a lesson plan is touching a IEP request, let alone a pencil in her pen holder or a calculator returned upside down)
So when I asked for help to make a review stack, I didn't want to forget how I was taught. (Previously my stack always had closed loops before a student got through all the stations)

Blogging is the perfect, "make it stick" strategy.

How to make a review station stack that works:

*Ready for lamination and fun 10 questions printed out in large font, one per paper,
*10 colored pieces of paper--repeat colors are fine,
*Glue Stick or double stick tape,
*Lots of sticky note strips

Step 1) Place in separated text boxes these three items like this: Where I have written Solution 1--you write "Previous Answer. "Where I wrote Question One--you write the directions for the next question, ie, "write in simple radical form."

Repeat this configuration for each of your questions.

Step 2) Print each station. Use the sticky notes to label the questions and solutions by number. Q1 with S1 etc...

Step 3) Make yourself a 4 by 3 grid on a piece of paper. Label each square going down the rows, Station 1, 2, 3...

Station 1
Station 5
Station 9
Station 2
Staion 6
Station 3
Station 7

Station 4
Station 8

Step 4) Under Station 1 write "Solution 1" This is your solution to Question 1. Underneath that, put the question (say Question 4) to a different problem. In the last box put the Question to this solution. Work your way ACROSS the grid.

Station 1

Solution 1

Question 4
Station 5

Solution 4

Question 8
Station 9

Solution 8

Question 3
Station 2

Solution 3

Staion 6


Question 6

Solution 6

Station 3

Solution 7

Question 2
Station 7

Solution 2

Question 9

Station 4

Solution 9

Question 5
Station 8

Solution 5

Question 1

This is your key. Also, BEFORE you cut anything out, make a map of the station to station numbers. What station does the first map onto? The one above goes 1-5-9-2-6-10-4-7-3-8

Step 5)  Time to cut everything out. 

Step 6) Stick one of each Station labels on one of each of the colored papers.

Step 7) Taking the labels off the questions as you go (Yipes, not before!),  place each according to your grid. 

Wha-La! Have fun! Send a picture!

What types of questions do you use Stations for?

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