Teacher Appreciation Week

It's easy to post when your articulate, gracious, loving daughter does it for you! So surprised and honored! Get the tissue!


Growing up with teachers for parents, I encountered (all too often) students who assumed teachers evaporated into thin air as soon as the classroom door shut. Only to be bewildered and horrified when they ran into us at the grocery store, proclaiming, "Ms. Zimmer, you eat Annie's microwavable pizza too?!?" While every week should be teacher appreciation week, I am glad this week is dedicated to honoring the work of our educators both in the classroom and behind the scenes.

I was fortunate enough to not realize office jobs exist until I had one sophomore year of college. I was under the impression all professionals got summers off and could be home every night to cook family dinner and help with homework. While this description makes teaching seem like a walk in the park, it is anything but easy. I am humbled every day by the patience and empathy teachers exhibit accommodating student's weaknesses and cultivating their strengths. (Patience applies to working with parents too!)

If your parent is a teacher like mine, or you have a teacher who has significantly impacted your academic experience, please take this week to APPRECIATE them and let them know that (while compensation for teachers in most countries is grossly incomparable to the amount of work they do and the positive impact they have on the community) we are grateful for their devotion to our development and contribution to our accomplishments.
 — with Amy Ellen Zimmer andJeffrey Diamond.

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