All The Little Victories

1. Ross, a student with an IEP, Grade 10, repeating Algebra, making a little more progress than last year. Very quiet.
Students are in Part 1 of a Diagnostic Teaching Lesson ALA Phil Daro.
The problem is "What is the longest pencil that can fit into an 8"by 4" by 3" pencil box?"

The class has read the problem together. The students have had 80-90 silent seconds to put some of their initial thoughts about the problem on their papers. The students get to ask any clarifying questions before we begin working in partners to solve the problem. Quiet ol' Ross raises his hand and asks, "It that the measurement from the exterior or interior of the box?" That guy got at least 50 virtual pieces of candy.

2. D. Gr 9 whom I caught fighting with boxing gloves on in the Safeway parking lot across the street from school during the first week of the school year, is now passing all of his classes and is trying very hard to catch up in Algebra. I picked up a textbook off the ground near his desk. Me: I can't stand when a textbook is on the floor. D: I know all books are precious, they are the reason we are here, why would anyone show such disrespect? (Me: with big cartoon bubble, really, my bad ass D, just said that...oh my happy heart!)

3. Daughter is going to American University in the fall and will be in the University College Program for International Relations. Makes me happy in so many ways, just two are that AU is one of the most racially diverse colleges in the US, and AU is ranked the highest for their study abroad programs. (not happy at all about price, but they threw us a 20% bone...that will surely help, and Grandma, and Grandpa, and us, and her...we'll figure it out baby girl!)

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