What Is the Appropriate Consequence For Being a Poopy Head in Class?

So when I apply for my dream job, I may have to change the title of this post. BTW, I dedicate this post to Fawn, I hope she is okay if I use Poopy in my post.

At our high school, the typical referral is for trash clean up during lunch or after school. Sunny California, say hi to your friends, plug in...not too bad...

So here is my alternative:

In a room you must sit. No head phones no electronics, no magazines...and a loop of the following greats from the 70's

Love Will Keep Us Together

Up, Up and Away

and the one that will assure the most engaged, self directed, helpful learner ever:

(This should be rated NR-17 or worse)

Bay City Rollers

What would you add?

(Fawn, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet...and you have truly inspired me to give back...may the spray be worthy!)


I found this one too:

That's the way I like it! Uh, huh...

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1 comment :

  1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! But I promise, Mrs. Z, I won't do it again. Please. Please. I won't poop in class again!!

    Sweet Jesus, Amy. Why do you hate me?! :) Our puppy's name is Mandy, as suggested by the guy who installed her dog door. Of course we all thought of the song but stuck with it anyway. The backup singers for Tenille kill me, the one in pink dress with her stiff arms and the blue-dress one with her perky titties.

    And that last one. OMG. I can't decide whose wardrobe is my favorite!!

    You just made my Saturday, dear. Good thing I wasn't drinking anything. I feel so special. (I'll get you back when we meet.) Thank you!!


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