School Nightmares

Ugh, Why, after 26+ years, must I have school nightmares? Last night it was that I missed teaching my first period class. Just forgot the schedule and decided to come in time for the third period. I avoid everyone and park around back. Get to my classroom and the darn music teacher and his students have left their music stands and chairs in the middle of the front of the room. My room is HUGE, carpeted and I have green chalkboards, not whiteboards. The kids are stealing chalk, painting themselves with chalk, and I EXPLODE. Someone turns on the VCR and TV and when I turn them all off, the sound is still coming out of the stereo. I pull out the plug and I take one kid out who is covered in a thick layer of chalk on his face and arms, who of course is saying, "what did I do, I didn't do anything!" I walk him down to the office, and now I am having to face my principal who isn't happy that I was late and now I have an unruly kid. I go back and forth in my brain. "I have too many students. That is no excuse. I have to share with a freakin' history teacher. That is no excuse. The band teacher didn't even put his crap away. That is no excuse for not controlling your students..."
And did I mention that I had taken my lesson plan out of my bag and brought only personal papers with me to school and I don't have the hand-out to copy?"

Maybe I will do some planning today after a long, long run...I paid for and signed up for EnVoy training, I haven't had a tune up in years...Any other suggestions to clear out school nightmares?

PS: I was reading the end of  Heft
before I had this nightmare with tears streaming down my face...I don't know if I recommend it or not, it is too new for me to review. Well written, I like the heady vocabulary. I doubt if I empathize with any of the female figures in the book. I want them all to "man" up and take care of their shit.

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