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I am hydrating for a run, so I have two minutes to write (Drinking watered down orange juice with Postassium Chloride Powder--yummy). Ha-ha! I also have 2 minutes to grade those papers. And two minutes to hang the laundry and two minutes to play with the dog, and two minutes to check school email and two minutes to grade the last of the trickled in INB's, and two minutes to find that resource page for rotating a trapezoid to SHOW how the area formula works (anyone, anyone?)...oops that is 20 minutes for 2 minutes and there-in lies the how the whole problem with AOADD teacher brain. (Adult Onset of Attention Deficit Disorder).

I wanted to collect pictures of the latest round of INB's, however there is nothing at all new in them, so instead I will include this amazing and silly picture of my cat helping me grade papers.

Dac isn't much help
I am in love with Mr. Wadell's ( idea to forget point-slope form and slope intercept form in favor of graphing form: y=a(x-h) + k...why not have all forms of equations consistent, we make kids remember stupid and archaic stuff anyways...

This cartoon is for the Parent who came in during tutorial and stared me down as punishment to his kid when I had a zillion kids waiting for their tests to make test corrections to EARN the chance to retake the only test they will be allowed to retake this semester as quarter grades are due Monday. Oh, so that is 2 more minutes to be working on THOSE things...

The dog was mightily jealous and asked why he doesn't get a super cute picture on the website...

And while I am on the topic of AOADD, and teacher brain. I sure have fun with the Smart Board (my first year with it), but it is just the same for the students sitting there. I am NOT impressed, I like my document camera and a notebook computer (had to leave it behind, belonged to former school, dang) Last note...On Monday I tried to use one of the department hand-outs, I should know better. My brain just doesn't think in "linear equation types," it thinks in Frayer-model vocabulary and pictures.  So on Wednesday, I told the kids this would be NOTE heavy...get ready for it...get ready for it...and you know, it was so much better! And by the last class we took some notes,  watched an "up" of Giant's baseball, took some notes, watched another, "up."

 And Crap! I forgot to write down the assignment I made up on the fly from the text yesterday, and erased it off the board! Was it 3-21 every third or odd?

Lastly it is Halloween: 

Cheers, Amy

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